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Desjarlais Genealogy
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Picture Update
Off my WebCam 2009

THE MUSIC PLAYS ONCE ON THE HOME PAGE: (In the living years, Mike and the Mechanics) Hello, I am Roy and thanks to Lycos, the owner of this site. I have started this site to promote the family geneology and the family name, which is "de Gerlaisse", the old spelling from New France and Belguim. It is written that Jean-Jacquet had been somewhat educated, so therefore had known how to spell his name. The spelling, with the two "S" is from documents found containing his signature. Belgium names that had begun with a small "de" before the family name, as had been the case with Jean-Jacquet, had "originally denoted "Nobility." But in his case, it had denoted the new class of "Bourgeoise". His father had been "Seigneur des Hameteaux". Do not confuse this to mean that Ferdinand de Gerlaisse had been of noble birth or of Nobility. Bourgeoise had not been nobility. Birthed from within a classless society, if one had not been Royal ... one was a peasant. Then a middle class had been recognised, the Bourgeoise. It had birthed a sort of gentleman within an otherwise classless society. I hope that is a little less confusing.
Today the name is spelled Desjarlais, but has many varients of that name. Some are Dejarlis, Desjarlis, Degarlis, Decharlais, Degarlais and I am sure that there are even more. The thing is, we are all cousins, and descendants from one source, Jean-Jacquet de Gerlaisse, Sieur de St. Amant, arrived in New France in the year 1665 as a soldier-farmer within the Carignan-Salieres Regiment. 
I am retired, I read, I write, I love music with a beat and I rent videos by the ton. Being a Canadian I love hockey. This is my story.
Have fun!

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Favorite Band or Musician: Roy Orbison
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I am a star gazer. I am a pilot and an Air Traffic Controller, so UFO's are not unknown to me. Once asked if I had believed in UFO's I had answered NO... I don't believe... I know ... but that is another story. I love writing, and presently I have more then 80 journals going, they are all a WIP, and some have read and asked why I haven't published? I don't know?

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Gen Chuck Yeager

Hello everyone, please feel free to drop me a line, I would love to hear from you. I understand that we had visitors from Washington State last year. Keep in touch, all of you cousins, States side and coast to coast in Canada.
Many pictures on this site LINK to other sites. Navigate your mouse over picture ... if the pointer turns into a hand, click the photo and it will take you to the link.
Be sure to check out Larry Quinto's site, the Belhumeur Page. It has a plethora of information, including some on the Desjarlais ancestry.

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