Desjarlais Genealogy
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Joseph 'Misigade' (Hairy Legs) had been a name given him by his native friends, and he had returned to the Red River Valley in 1826 following his father. They had been accompanied by Joseph's yonger brother Francois, who had joined up with them after coming out of Quebec. Joseph had been twenty years old. He had left Lac la Biche with his father Jean Baptiste and his grandfather Joseph Desjarlais, and they had moved to Baie St. Paul Manitoba. (Remember, I had warned you about the name Joseph)

In 1834 Joseph married LaLouise Josephte Richard, daughter of Joseph Richard and Isabelle (First Nations). And two years after Joseph had married he had opened up a fur trading store on the Souris River. But because of the frequent attacks from the Sioux Indians he had walled the store within an oak pallisade, and that trading store had become known as Fort Desjarlais.
And out of the union of Joseph Desjarlais and Josephte Richard are born 13 beautiful children. They are listed below.
1.   Francois                 B   1835 Baie St. Paul
                                      M  29 Aug 1864 to Henriette WisKup/Wiskeys
2.   Stanislas                B   6 Nov 1838 Oak Point
                                            Virginia McKay
3.   Marie                       B   1840
                                      27 Aug 1860 Leskok Houle
4.   Alexander               B   30 Sep 1843
5.   *Antoine                 B   19 May 1846 Oak Point
 6.  Julie                       B  1846     Pierre Chartrand
7.   Joseph                  B   Jan 1849 Oak Point
                                           Marie Slater
8.   Emilie                    B   Jul 1851 St. Francois Xavier
9.   Jean Baptiste       B  3 Oct 1853 SFX
10. Caroline                B 16 May 1854 Nobert Trottier
11. Patrice                  B   Jan 1858 Harriet Moore
12. Pierre                    B   1858  Moosehead
13. Isidore                  B    3 Dec 1862 Saint Francois Xavier
Antoine, the fifth born continues our lineage. He had married Marie Chartrand on 14 Oct 1867. She was the daughter of Paul Chartrand and Josephte Cadotte. They had been the parents of Philippe Desjarlais.

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