Desjarlais Genealogy
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Before the story begins, I list the players in this form for quick reference. The story portion is a romanticised version of the genealogy. Jean-Francois is pivotal in our genealogy. His is the source of our lineage that extends to this day and age, he had been the only one of Jean-Jacquet's children that had continued the name. He had been the youngest.

These are the children that Jean-Francois and his lovely wife Marie-Catherine Aubert had during their marriage. A beautiful family of fourteen children, listed below.


1.  Pierre-François                  Baptised  02 May 1720



2.  Antoine                              follows


3.  Marie-Anne                       Baptised   1723 Louiseville RDL

                                               Married  (Unknown) to,

                                               Jean-Baptiste Faucault, son of

                                               Jean-Baptiste Faucault and Marguerite Bergeron

                                               Died         05 Feb 1749


4.  Marie-Madeline                Baptised  25 Aug 1725 Louiseville RDL

                                               Married   11  Feb 1749   RDL to,

                                               Joseph Paillé, son of

                                               Charles Paillé and Françoise Lemaitre-Auger

                                               Died         24 Mar 1793  RDL


5.  *Joseph                            B 1727 Louiseville RDL


6.  Jean-Augustin                 follows


7.  Louis                                Baptised  17 Nov 1730  Quebec

                                               Married   25 Aug 1755  to,

                                               Catherine Banhiac, dit Lamontagne, daughter of,

                                               Charles Banhiac and Madeline Lemaitre-Auger

                                               Died        14 May 1798


8.  Marie-Therese,                Baptised     16 Mar 1732

                                              Died            07 Jul  1749

                                              She drowned, trying to save the life of her younger sister, aged 17


9.  Jean-Baptiste                  Baptised     06 Aug 1733



10.  Charles                          Born                   1735

                                              Married  17 Jan  1761 to,

                                              Madeline Beaunoyer, dit Lemaitre-Auger, daughter of,

                                              Etienne and Marie Sicard

                                              Died        04 Sep  1809


11.  Pélagie                          Born                     1737

                                              Married                 1755 Lavaltrie, to

                                              Jean-Baptiste Hervieux, son of

                                              Paul Hervieux and Marguerite Ethier

                                  Died         03  Aug  1761    Lanoraie


12.  Catherine                     Baptised   04  Feb   1739

                                             Died          07  Jul    1749



13.  Pierre Madore              follows


14.  Madeline                      Baptised   09 Mar  1743 Louiseville  

                                            Married    13  May 1763  Louiseville

                            Charles Lemaitre-Auger, son of

                                             François Lemaitre-Auger and Charlotte Pombert


 *Joseph deGerlaisse born in 1727 begins his fur trading days out West, yet still calls Quebec his home. His son, Joseph born 1754, moves out West.


In Memory Jeanne Trudel deGerlaisse, died 30 Nov 1734 after a brief illness. She had been pre-deceased by her husband Jean-Jacquet. She leaves her children Madeline, Jeanne, Pierre Benoit, Marguerite, Pierre Lamirante, Marie-Josephte, Jean-Baptiste Lesage, Antoine, Marie-Angelique Pelletier, Marie-Ann, Jean Brissard, Jean-Francois, Marie-Catherine Aubert and many grandchildren. She was loved by all and will be missed. She was buried by her husbands side in Louiseville RDL. She was 78 years old. 

This diagram depicts the land of Jean Francois
He and Antoine follow in their father's footsteps

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