Desjarlais Genealogy
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This I photographed in a Winnipeg Farmer's field
This I post as the 'why' Saulteaux is spelled as it is.

If one were asked to attach a cause as to why the Desjarlais genealogy had followed the path that it had, and out into Western Canada and beginning in Manitoba, the reason would be attributed to Joseph Desjarlais, nee de Gerlaisse and born in 1727. Joseph was one of the first of the deGerlaisse men to break with tradition and spurn the life of a Sieur, although there had been many. He had not wanted anything to do with farming, and instead he had leaned towards the lucrative fur trade. I never wanted anything to do with farming either. Thanks Joseph! And it is because of this man's influence that our family had found itself treking out west. And he is also the one that we attribute with the name change. And surprisingly, although Joseph had worked the fur trade, he had continued to call Quebec home. When he brought the furs to Quebec he remained until the following trek out West.
And it is his influence that had rubbed off onto two of his boys, as they too had joined the fur trade, with one major difference, they had gone and had continued their lives out west. And that move had marked the beginning of the inter-racial marriages with the Western Mètis and the Native women of Manitoba. St. Paul-des-Saulteaux had been a missionary village just forty miles west of St. Boniface Manitoba, and that had been where those young men had chosen to live. And because the tradition of the time had been to name the first son after his father, we must pay close attention to first names and dates, because from here on in the name Joseph shows up often, as families name their first born son after their fathers.

These are the children that Joseph (1727) and his lovely wife Marie-Marguerite had during their union. They are listed below.


1.  Josette              Baptized  29  Apr 1753  RDL

                               Married   31  Jan 1774  Vercheres to,

                               Michel Lacourse, son of

                               Jean-Baptiste Lacourse, and

                               Josephte Lasserte


2.  *Joseph             Baptized  03 Sep 1754  Contrecoeur



3.  Théotiste          Baptized  07 Apr 1756  Contrecoeur

                               Died        13 Mar 1757

                                      (13 Months old)

4.  Paul                   Baptized 19 Mar 1757  St. Ours



5.  Judith                Baptized  29  Aug   (?)  St. Ours

                               Married (Unknown, date and where) to,

                               Antoine Billy dits Louis

                               07 May 1802  Varennes to,

                               Louis Augustin dits Bienvenue veuf de

                                       Charlotte Meunier


6.  Antoine             Born      1760



7.  Jean-Baptiste   Born      1762



8.  Marguerite        Baptized     28  Feb 1766  St. Ours

                               Married       09 Jul  1782, to

                               Isidore Langevin, veuf de,

                               Marie-Anne Renault

9.  Pélagie              Baptized     16 Feb  1769  St. Ours or      




10. Eloi                   Baptized                  1770  Contrecoeur

                               Married      27 Jun 1797  Louiseville     

                                                                        RDL, to

                               Marie-Amable Leblanc, daughter of

                               Etienne Leblanc and,

                               Amable Rivard dits Loranger


11. François           Baptized     19 Aug  1771  Contrecoeur

                               Married     (No Date)        Manitoba, to

                               Madeline Roy, daughter of

                               M. Roy and  (Unknown)


Joseph the son, born in 1754 departs from convention and marries a native in St. Paul-des-Saulteaux, Manitoba. And Joseph is the link to our ancestry as it continues in Manitoba and then Westward as far as Lac la Biche Alberta. And according to a census of 1846, Joseph had four sons, all born at St. Paul-des-Saulteaux, an Indian Missionary village on the Assinaboine River. And I believe that when that missionary village had disbanded it had later become Baie St. Paul.


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