Desjarlais Genealogy
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Jean Baptiste


Jean Baptiste 'Necho KaPow' ... interesting handle isn't it? Jean Baptiste had gone out west to Lac la Biche with his father and then into the NWT. Had he been looking for gold? he he ... actually they had gone there with an expanding fur trade.
When I had been very young I remember my father speaking about the great granfathers, and places like Norway House and Rocky Mountain House at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. As mentioned earlier, Jean Baptiste had been born in 1790 in St. Paul-des-Saulteaux. He had just been a toddler when his parent's headed out west. Growing up young and precocious Jean Baptiste had earned the name of 'Necho-KaPow' through his Native friends. When in his teens he had met and fallen in love with Lizette-Charlotte Cardinal and had married in Lac la Biche in 1806. This was surprising to read, because that had meant that Jean Baptiste had married at age sixteen, the youngest of all our ancestors so far, men that is.
Out of that union of Jean Baptiste and Charlotte Cardinal are born two children listed below.
1. * Joseph                           B 1806 Lac la Biche AB
2.   Judith                             B 1816 Frog Lake
Our genealogy continues with Joseph, born 1806 in Lac la Biche, he returns to the Red River valley in Manitoba with his father in 1826, following their decision to return to the Baie St. Paul area.

This means of transportation was,
the Metis's answer to rappid transport

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