Desjarlais Genealogy
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The Louiseville Connection

Perhaps you will find your roots within this chapter. These are some of the
deGerlaisse families of Louiseville RDL. (Riviere-du-Loup)

I begin this chapter with the children of Jean-Francois and Marie-Catherine Aubert. And I list them in order. The first is Antoine deGerlaisse, born in 1721. He married Angelique Billy, dits St. Louis, daughter of Guillaume St. Louis and Madeline Normandin in Louiseville, the 7th February 1752. And out of their union had been born nine beautiful children.
1. Joseph                            B 1765 Louiseville
                                           M 1796 Varennes to,
                                           Marie-Josette Mauge daughter of,
                                           Ange Mauge and Marie Josette Chauvin
2. Antoine                           B 1754 Louiseville (Capt in Militia)
                                           M 1780 Louiseville, to
                                           Marie-Anne Lemaitre-Auger
3. Jacques                          B 24th Dec, 1754, unknown
4. Agathe                            B 28th Feb, 1758, unknown
5. Louis                               B  5th Mar , 1761 unknown
6. Genevieve                      B  13th Jul  1763
                                           M  1785, Terrebonne, to
                                           Charles Lafond ...
7. Charles                          B  1764
                                          M  1793, Louiseville to,
                                          Josette Bourassa, daughter of,
                                          Pierre Bourassa and Therese Marion
8. Madeline                        B  1771, 30th Apr
                                           M  1791, 21st Nov,Louiseville, to
                                           Jean-Baptiste Fournier, son of
                                           Augustin Fournier and Judith Lizotte
9. Marie-Josette                 B  1768, 11th Feb
                                           M 1787, 28th Sep, Louiseville, to
                                           Augustin Harnois, son of
                                           Augustin Harnois (Capt. ) Marguerite
                                           Lemaitre dits Duhaime
The second son, Joseph deGerlaisse born 17th Feb 1727.
married 23rd May 1752 in Lavaltrie to Marie-Marguerite Hervieux. And out of their union they had eleven beautiful children.
1. Josette                           B 1753, 29th Apr, Louiseville
                                           M 1774, 31st Jan, Vercheres, to
                                           Michel Lacourse, son of
                                           Jean-Baptiste Lacourse and Josephte Lasserte 
2. Joseph                            B 1754, 3rd Sep, Contrecoeur
                                            M 1785  St.Paul-des-Saulteaux, Man. 
                                            to, OkeMakWe, a native lady.He was a  
                                            voyageur, and fur trader. He established a 
                                            family in Manitoba. 
3. Theotiste                         B 1756, 7th Apr, Contrecoeur
                                            D 1757, 13th Mar 
4. Paul                                 B 1757, 19th Mar, St Ours, unknown
5. Judith                               B 1758, 29th Aug, St. Ours
                                             M (1) Antoine Billy, dits Louis
                                             M (2) 1802, 7th May,Varennes to,
                                             Louis-Augustin Fontaine, dits Bienvenu, veuf de Charlotte Meunier.
6. Marguerite                       B 1766, 28th Feb, St. Ours
                                            M 1782, 9th Jul, Varennes, to
                                            Isidore Langevin,veuf de Marie-Ann Renault
7. Antoine                           B 1760
8. Jean-Baptiste                 B 1762
9. Pelagie                           B 1769, 16th Feb, St.Ours ou
10. Eloi                               B 1770, Contrecoeur
                                           M 1797, 27th Jun, Louiseville, RDL, to
                                           Marie-Amable Leblanc daughter of,
                                           Etienne Leblanc and Amable Rivard,dits Loranger
11. Francois                       B 1771,19th Aug, Contrecoeur
                                           M  St.Paul-des-Saulteaux, Manitoba
                                           M  Madeline Roy, metisse, my direct ancestors
The next son is Jean-Augustin deGerlaisse (Desjarlais) baptised, 1 Jul 1728 in Louiseville, RDL,(Riviere-du-Loup) He married15 Feb 1762, in Beauport to, Marguerite Renaud, dits Canard, daughter of Pierre Renaud and Marie Gariepy. Out of that union are born eleven beautiful children.
1. Marguerite                      B 1763, Louiseville, RDL
                                           M 1781,18 Jan,Louiseville, to
                                           Joseph Richer dits Lafleche, son of
                                           Charles Richer and Josette Hamelin
2. Jean-Baptiste                  B 1764, 14 Jan, Louiseville
                                            M  23 Oct 1786 Louiseville, to
                                            Madeline Pratte daughter of,
                                            Jean-Baptiste Pratte and Madeline Simper
3. Francois                          B 1768 14 Sep, Louiseville
                                            probably went out west with
                                            his brother Antoine.
4. Josephte                         B 1770, 7 Sep, Louiseville
                                           M 17 Oct 1785 Louiseville, to
                                           Joseph Lesage son of,
                                           Joseph Lesage and Elisabeth Martineau,
                                           dits St-Onge
5. Madeline                         B 1777 25 Sep, Louiseville
                                           M 9 Jan 1786  Louiseville, to
                                           Alexis Gelinas son of,
                                           Alexis Gelinas and Catherine Lesieur,
                                           et veuf d'Anastasie Doucet
6. Marie-Rose                     B 1772, 14 Nov, Louiseville
                                            M 25 Feb 1800, Louiseville, to
                                            Toussaint Godin, veuf de Josette Voisard
7. Charles                            B 1775, 26 Mar, Louiseville
                                            M(1) Madeline Beaunoyer
                                            M(2) 27 Feb, 1800, St-Charles Mo. to,
                                            Lucie Hogues daughter of,
                                            Edmond Hogues and Rachel Godfreu
8. Antoine                            ... follows
9. Euphrosine                     B 1779, 10 Sep, Louiseville
                                           M  8 May 1797, Louiseville to,
                                           Amable Lacoursiere son of,
                                           Claude Lacoursiere and Marie Cadotte
10. Angelique                      B 1768, Louiseville
                                            M 30 Oct 1786 Louiseville to,
                                            Francois Trepanier,veuf de Marie-Louise Veillet
11. Marie-Louise                B 1769, Louiseville
                                           M 23 Jan, 1792, Louiseville, to
                                           Jean-Baptiste Pratte son of,
                                           Jean-Baptiste Pratte and Madeline Simper
(name change) Desjarlais (DeCharlais out west) Antoine Desjarlais baptized 9 Aug, 1778, was the  son of Jean-Augustin. As an adolescent he had accompanied his brothers Francois and Charles down to Florissant Missouri. Antoine Desjarlais married Therese Gagne in Florissant, Mo. in 1792. She died suddenly and he remarried, 30 Oct 1797. He married Therese Pelletier, also of Florissant Mo. Antoine had worked for the North West Fur trading Company for Alexandre Henry Lejeune of the "Bourgeoise" from 1800/1805. Then on his own he had gone up to Lac la Biche NWT where he fathered a large metisse family.
Pierre Madore Desjarlais had been Antoine's (1778) uncle, and the brother of Antione sr, Joseph and Jean-Augustin. Pierre Madore was baptized in Louiseville, 6 Nov 1740. He had been the thirteenth child of Jean-Francois and Marie-Catherine Aubert. He married (1) 31 Jul 1764 in Contrecoeur to Madeline Duval, daughter of Antoine Duval and Marie-Renee Decelles. When widowed he had remarried with Angelique Saucier 4 Feb 1788 in Louiseville. His second wife
had been the widow of Michel Billy dits St-Louis and daughter of Joseph Saucier and Josette Lemaitre-Auger. She was also sister to Euphrosine Saucier who was married to Pierre Madore and Madeline Duval's son.
Out of the unions of Pierre Madore are listed the children, of a beautiful family of sixteen.
From the first bed;
1. Archange                        B 14 Jun 1765 Contrecoeur
                                           M(1) Contrecoeur to,Ambroise Plante
                                           M(2) 4 Nov 1794 Louiseville to,
                                           Emmanuel Desmarais son of,
                                           Jean Baptiste Abraham and Genevieve Hudon
                                           dits, Beaulieu
2. Pierre                              B 28 Nov 1768, Contrecoeur
                                            M 12 Jan  1795 Louiseville to,
                                            Euphrosine Saucier daughter of,
                                            Joseph Saucier and Josette Lemaitre-Auger
3. Madeline                         B 1770, St-Ours
                                            M 16 Jan 1786, Louiseville to,
                                            Michel Paquet dits Lavalee son of,
                                            Jean Paquet and Marie Charland
4. Marguerite                      B  28 Apr 1767. St-Ours
                                           M 10 Aug 1789, Louiseville to,
                                           Jean-Baptiste Saucier son of,
                                           Jean Saucier and Madeline Miville-Deschenes
From the second bed;
1. Benoni                             B  1 Jan 1789, Louiseville
2. Reine                               B 17 Sep 1790, Louiseville
                                            D 24 Sept 1792
3. Emmanuel                      ...Follows
4. Isaac                               B 11 Jan 1794, Louiseville
                                           M 22 Nov 1814, Louiseville to,
                                           Scolastique Bergeron, daughter of,
                                           Pierre bergeron and Josette Couturier
                                           dits Verville
5. Antoine                          ...follows
6. Eloi (Elie)                        B 17 Sep 1797 Louiseville
                                           M 19 Apr  1819 Louiseville to,
                                           Euphrosine Bergeron daughter of,
                                           Pierre Bergeron and Josette Couturier
                                           dits Verville
7. Joseph-Moise                 B 21 Nov 1799 Louiseville
                                           M   1 Aug 1825 Louiseville to,
                                           Julie Vincent daughter of,
                                           Pierre Vincent and Madeline Vanasse
                                           dits, Vertefeuille
8. Clothide                          B 25 Jan 1802, Louiseville
                                           D 30 Mar 1807, Louiseville
9. Jean-Baptiste                 B 7 May 1805 Louiseville
                                           M1  May 1832 Louiseville to,
                                           Bibianne Picotte daughter of,
                                           Antoine Picotte and Genevieve Lamontagne
10. Theodore                      B 15 Jan 1807 Louiseville
                                           D  25 Aug1815 Louiseville
11. Judith                           B 1803
                                          M  6 Nov 1820 Louiseville to,
                                          Joseph Boucher son of,
                                          Francois-Firmin Boucher and Geneveive Hudon
                                          dits, Beaulieu
12. Benjamin                      B 29 Apr 1808 Louiseville
                                           M(1)24 Nov1840 St.David de Yamaska
                                           Julie Prohon daughter of,
                                           Jean-Baptiste Prohon and ...unknown
                                           M(2)  26 Nov1866 SDY to,
                                           Elise Vadeboncoeur daughter of,
                                           David Vadeboncoeur and Marie Germain
To be continued ...I have the info patient

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