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In the beginning ... Genealogy


                                                                         Feb 6, 2008



The following is a quick glance at the genealogy. This brief begins in Belgium and ends up with me. It outlines the lineage of my particular branch. It begins in St. Paul-de-Liege, Belgium


1.   Ferdinand deGerlaisse and Dorothee Cona had been Jean-Jacquets parents.


2.     Jean-Jacquet deGerlaisse, born 1643 and Jeanne Trudel married in 1668 and had been the parents of Jean-Francois deGerlaisse.


3.   Jean-Francois deGerlaisse born 1699 and Marie-Catherine Aubert had married in 1719 and had been the parents of Joseph deGerlaise.


4.   Joseph deGerlaisse born in 1727 married Marie-Marguerite Hervieux in 1762. They had been the parents of Joseph deGerlaise. It is to this Joseph that we assign the name change to Desjarlais.


5.   Joseph Desjarlais born in Contrecoeur in 1754 had moved out west to the Red River Valley and had settled in St. Paul-des Saulteaux, a missionary village and in 1785 had married OkeMakWe a lady of First nations.

      He died in 1833 at Rivieres-des-Cygne. They had moved out west and into the NWT around 1803, and then had returned to Baie St. Paul 1826. They were the parents of Jean Baptiste Desjarlais.


6.   Jean Baptiste 'Necho-KaPow' had been born in St. Paul-des-Saulteux in 1790, and had been a toddler when his parents had gone out west. Young and precocious 'Necho-KaPow' as he was known within the Native community, met and fell in love with Lizette-Charlotte Cardinal, they had married in 1805, they had been aged sixteen years at the time, they had both been born in 1790. They are the parents of Joseph Desjarlais born 1806 in Lac La Biche AB. They had returned to Manitoba in 1826.


7.   Joseph Desjarlais born in 1806 in Lac la Biche had married in 1834 in Baie St. Paul, to LaLouise Josephte Richard. Shortly afterwords the missionary village of St. Paul-des-Saulteaux had disbanded. Her parents had been Joseph Richard and her mother was Isabelle (First Nations). They were the parents of Antoine Desjarlais.


8.   Antoine Desjarlais born 19 May 1846 in Oak Point had married 14 Oct 1867 in St. Laurent MB to Marie Chartrand, daughter of Paul Chartrand and Josephte Cadotte. They were the parents of Philippe Desjarlais.


9.   Philippe Desjarlais born 1 May 1874 in Poplar Point married 17 May 1904 in St. Laurent MB to Marguerite Lagimodiere daughter of Louis Lagimodiere and Marie Bruneau. They are the parents of Theodore Desjarlais.


10.  Theodore Desjarlais born 22 Feb 1907 at Oak Point MB had married 7 Oct 1931 to Marie Josephine Barron daughter of Louis-Charles Barron and Beatrice Lafreniere. They are the parents of Maurice, Hector and Roy Desjarlais.

     (B) Maurice Desjarlais, by a second marriage has two boys, Brent aged 37 and Craig aged 33.They will continue the lineage in Manitoba.


11. Roy Desjarlais born 7 Mar 1944 in St. Boniface MB. Married 25 Feb 1967 in Bagotville PQ to Andrťe Gobeil, daughter of Charles-Emile Gobeil and Yvette Villeneuve. They are the proud parents of Mark Desjarlais.


12.  Mark Desjarlais, born 5 Jul 1970 in St. Boniface married Jocelyne St. Pierre, 2 Nov 1996. She is the daughter of Rolland St. Pierre and NoŽla Poulin. They are the parents of two beautiful girls, named Jesse and Ashley. So they do not continue the paternal lineage of the Desjarlais name.  


The Desjarlais ancestry has been traced from the Seventeenth Century from what had then been referred to as New France. Jean-Jacquet deGerlaisse and his wife Jeanne Trudel are the first of the Desjarlais ancestors on this continent and have the privilege of beginning our lineage.  


The map below is difficult to read. But if you look closely you will see the faint line of a river that flows through the town. And that river is Riviere-du-Loup, RDL, which always follows after the name Louiseville.




This is where Louiseville RDL is located
This is where Jean-Jacquet lived and died

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