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today April 23 2015


THE MUSIC PLAYS ONCE ON THE HOME PAGE: (In the living years, Mike and the Mechanics) Hello, I am Roy and thanks to Lycos, the owner of this site. I have started this site to promote the family genealogy and the family name, which is ``deGerlaisse`` the original and correct spelling of the family name that originated in Belgium and had taken up roots in New France. It is written that Jean-Jacquet had been some what educated, so therefore had known how to write his name. The spelling, with the two "S" in the name comes from documents found containing his signature. Belgium names that had begun with a small "de" before the family name, as had been the case with Jean-Jacquet, had "originally denoted "Nobility." But in his case, it had denoted the new class of "Bourgeoise". His father had been "Seigneur des Hameteaux". Do not confuse this to mean that Ferdinand de Gerlaisse had been of noble birth or of Nobility. Bourgeoise had not been nobility. Birthed from within a classless society of the time, if one had not been Royal ... one was a peasant. Then a middle class had emerged and been recognised, the Bourgeoisie. That had birthed a sort of gentleman within an otherwise classless society. I hope that is a little less confusing.
Today the family name is spelled Desjarlais, but has many varients of that name. Some are Dejarlis, Desjarlis, Degarlis, Decharlais, Degarlais, and I am certain that there are even more. The thing is, we are all cousins, and descendants from one source, Jean-Jacquet deGerlaisse, Sieur de St. Amant, and his arrival in New France in the year 1665, as a farmer attached to the Carignan-Salieres Regiment. It is written that he had moved in with an already established farming family and that he had quickly proved his worth. And in my research I haven't found anything that indicates that he had been a regular soldier in the Regiment, because he had not been garrisoned, while all the regular soldiers had been garrisoned in various Forts built for Tracy when they came over. And when he marries and finally buys land that land is leased to him, and one of the stipulations for getting the lease had been that he become part of the Militia to help guard the Seigneuries. It is written that he had been in the Militia, after the regular Regiment had disbanded.
I am retired, I read, I write, I love music with a beat and I rent videos by the ton. Being a Canadian I love hockey and the Montreal Canadians. Have fun reading. This is my story.

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Hello everyone, please feel free to drop me a line. But allow me to say this first, I have info on my branch of the Desjarlais genealogy. The offshoots, those of the Desjarlais women that married, whomever, well, those ladies are part of another's genealogy. And while their names appear, and it lists who they married, it ends with that. And most pictures that used to link with other sites have since been discontinued. Be sure to check out Larry Quinto's site, the Belhumeur Page. It has a plethora of information, including some on the Desjarlais ancestry.
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