Desjarlais Genealogy
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Desjarlais Reunion


                                                    Desjarlais Reunion

I received an email from Rarihokwat some time back, who was kind enough to send me the genealogy in diagram form, and it includes the ladies of the Desjarlais family, and their genealogy. So, we the keepers of the 'flame' will live on; and through this work our family lives on, as we jealously safeguard our heritage. This new addition will be published  soon. And I am honoured to say that I have made brief but interesting acquaintances during this journey; with cousins, one from Ottawa, and the other from Winnipeg. Larry Quinto, to which this page would not have been possible, thank you, fourth cousin, once removed, and just recently, Jan 2009, to be precise, Rarihokwat sent me a valuable script of information. And to Glen Desjarlais, and we share the same great-grandfather Antoine Desjarlais,

Glen, I met your father a long time back. And Glen had been kind enough to send me some very interesting information, and right now I will publish a picture of his father to begin this new page. This picture is of someone that I am proud to say that I saw with my own eyes many moons ago, his name is Jules Desjarlais, and Glens father. Jules is my fathers cousin and has the honour of being the first on this page, but there will be more.
And just recently I have made another acqauintance with cousin Eddy Buff (alo) Desjarlais online, and Eddy is Glen's brother. They don`t speak to one another. Strange family those Desjarlais.
Eddy Buff sings under the handle of the Metis Cowboy, and he was kind enough to send me one of his homemade CD's of his singing voice and music. Its not bad, but amateurish. Eddy Buff is a school teacher. His Logo is pictured below.

And I have received many inquiries from cousins regarding the Desjarlais genealogy. And at the moment, all I can say is that unless you find the information that you are seeking within what I have posted here, or if you have names and years perhaps I may be able to point you to a source. I may be able to help you with that. There is so much information, and personally I have relegated what information I have to my side of the family tree, my branch of the tree if you will. And I have published a romanticised version of my genealogy, I gave my forefathers life, with the use of poetic licence. But I have included some other branches, but only names and dates on this web page. And as you search the page you will notice that if you run your mouse over some of the photographs, some link up to other Web pages. I have two links that contain valuable information on the Desjarlais genealogy. One link goes to Larry Quinto's page. But I have noticed that some of those links no longer work. Andy Desjarlais is shown holding his violin. That link used to play his violin music, the"Red River Jig" on that Web page. And seeing as those links do not function, you are welcome to try the  Metis Resource Center. They have a message board where you can post a query. And I have obtained information pertaing to our roots and made the acquaintance of several cousins in this fashion. The address to the web site is ...

Thank you for your interest and your comments.

This is Jules Desjarlais
Singing on the French-Radio CKSB Wpg, MB

The Metis Cowboy
Following Dad's footsteps

The Metis Jacket

I don't really know what to do with this page.This is the first of rogues gallery, and I use that term affectionately. I add this personnage, because he is a cousin. He had been born in Woodridge Manitoba in 1914, his name was Andre Desjarlais. He is acclaimed as the 'Fiddler extraordinaire'. He wrote tunes and played the fiddle under the commercial name of Andy De Jarlis. The Red River Jig is synonymous with his name.
His picture below.

Andy De Jarlis

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